Elevator out of order

Posted on Saturday, September 05 2020

The Elevator is stuck in the parkade but a tech has been dispatched to fix it today. 



Homeless Person in front Vestibule

Posted on Friday, November 22 2019

Be aware,

There is a inebriated person in the front vestibule splayed across the floor. You may have to step over him to access the building if you try the front door.

A good Samaritan has called the police and 211 to assist this man on his journey to his next destination.

He does not seem to pose a threat at the moment, and had trouble standing - but he may be a less than civil interlocutor.

Help is on the way in approximately 30 minutes. 

Use caution, 


Power Outage

Posted on Friday, October 25 2019

Epcor has just had a major power outage... Cause still unknown. They Will up date this website once they have an estimated uptime...

Elevator Booked - Saturday 2pm to 4pm

Posted on Friday, April 26 2019

Be advised, the elevator will be in use this weekend briefly between 2pm and 4pm.

Sump Pit in Parkade

Posted on Tuesday, March 12 2019

We've had reports that there is water bubbling up from the sump pit in the parkade near the elevator.

We are waiting for a plumber to address this.

Thank you for the feedback from residents. 


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